chasing amy

i saw the post today
hah...i should have known
what was i thinking back all those years
i guess i was just young and dumb
but it was never a matter of not knowing
that you were the one for me
it was simply a cry from a scared child
a thinking that there was only one method to succeed
to go and leave you
and pursue my own
i guess i'm just a fool...

since then i've tried
tried so hard to find your replacement
and unfortunately, so far, i've struck nothing but fool's gold
throw away the prize to search for something you won't find
that's my M.O.
that's my stupidity

you're a diamond, hah...
someone else's diamond now
i guess it's what i get for leaving you there
with nothing...nothing...
nothing just like me

if you can ever forgive me
if you ever think about me
know that i'm still here waiting
because i have no choice

until the day you're with me
until the day we once again lock eyes
and see that infinite perfection deep down within the other
i'll be chasing amy

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