can't play the piano
slumpin on the stoop
gotta ease your mind
take off
hit the loop
come back to back to back
side to side
exhale, deep connection underpinning the ride
then i loose my flexible reginald. bill
and overkill the will of shrill deville with courses in real
state run banks and corporations
catch the worlds on fire, man, exclude the declaration
and face the pace of life beside the norm of your pursuation
even the leftest lefist out there wants to keep their occupation
being fat lazy overloaded stupid ass americans
because that's what we are, by far
and the right, alright we get it dawg you're telling us the truth
but that doesn't straight forgive the shit you've done to us [THE YOUTH]
you proclaimate yourselves the better half, but i can remember
just a few years ago with the twin towers in cinders
and lil bushy reading stories to the kids at their school
he sat there for 15 minutes, made himself look like a fool
not to mention Cheney and all the shit he did with halliburton
and if you're not understanding let me open up the curtain
see the politics and shit, they're nothing but visualization
of everything that's going on with the corporations
and if you haven't noticed yet, US, we're bigger than all
but if we don't watch our step we're gonna trip up and fall
and there are some who wish the curtain close
the end of the game
because they don't appreciate the land, the freedom, the brave
and the proud and the great, we're the land of the free
and even though we're not it's better living in fallacy
for at least when they kill us they only do it enmasse
and the probability of them up under your ass
is mostly zero
the longer that you live you're taxed
and so it's logically simple to form a movable caste
so that the one's who wish to survive thrive and move on to better
and all the lazy motherfuckers bottom feed on the cheddar
this is a great land, see it for what it can become
because it won't be long before it's we who's shoulder's it's on.


on second thought i decided that this is a bunch of garbage.

:D have a nice life eating shit :D!



you probably don't like me that way
but i'd like to think that you will some distant time
our long long chats leave me in thought
without them new truths would remain unsought
you're so cute with your short curly hair, like mine
it's so fun, when we draw, when we laugh, sublime
but it's sad for me to think that it's all for nothing
even though we're great friends i long to be much more
but maybe i'm just being selfish and shit
maybe i don't need you to be the only one on my list
maybe this life's telling me that i should be like the wind
and never let another person put their chains around me again
but i don't think that you're that kinda girl
you fill my life with something that it lost somewhere
along the way
and if you were to give me a chance i might show you a thing or two
a thing or two that even you
could not comprehend
something you didn't realize
was possible to achieve
i can't see through your eyes
but i can empathize and understand your place
so i sit here and wait for the day you say
me gusta



understand that i realize you're beautiful
and i mean that inside and out
but i want you to go out and live your life
though it causes me so much pain to admit that
i know we were meant for each other
but it seems to me our timing's off
we need to go and live and learn
so that we can love better next time
and if the next time never comes
i'll hold you in my heart
you're always going to be within me
no matter the circumstances that follow
because i realize you're beautiful
and i mean that inside and out


r 1250 2010

it hurts inside
but it feels fine
because i know you'll never know what i did for you
you'll never see it
and even if you do
it'll be far too late
because we'll be lost by then
or at least i will
where you'll go i'll never know
but at least you got to go there

i gave you your life
in return for mine
we moved too fast but
i think about what it may have been if we had stayed
but i know it would have ended badly anyway...

you'll never know
[what i did for you]
how my love won't leave
[your side]
how stupid you are
[right now]
and it's not your fault
you'll never see
the good i do; i did for you
the things i've done to get you through
the life i gave so you could dance
the bit of me i left to chance

i came at the time when you needed me most
i crafted you, made you better, stronger
you forgot these things, didn't you?
how you were before we were...

ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
tell me about it; i wish that i knew
my whole life has been an open book
this chapter happened to be about you
about a love that burned so hot
with passion overflowing
and how it slowly sizzled out
reality joined the showing

but now at chapter's end
you echo on through all the pages
perhaps we will meet again
in some distant far off spaces...

but for now, you're stupid.
live life
have fun
experience what you will
go on
go on!
and never tell me anything
it's something i can't deal with
my love for you is infinitely eternal
but falsity masked never perseveres


the goddess rests silent within
as a muse, a pulse, a pathway toward
enlightened life
experimental living
and holding true to who i am
and knowing who that guy is
looking back at me
when i stare into clear glass

those eyes that pierce into my soul
how many others have they seen?
how many lives have they touched?
how much anger, happiness, have they been able to bring?

and what is the goal?
something in between?
express love
or simple being?

a flash of something...
a simple blip in a sea of delusion
but in digression
i say to thee
that one spark leads indefinitely
to many

pierce the veils of time and space
for together we defeat this night
and bring the world back again
into the everlasting light
of eternal experience

callisto calls

show me
who i am.

i remember how i always know the words.

perhaps within me
all that i must know
and all i am
once again
proves to be
than what i could have foreseen
with my sullenly common eyes
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partially impartial

partially impartial
and yet i feel there's more to this
that deep between the lines we speak
an understanding does exist

that hers and his, are one, one
that nothing separates the two
that every time a word is spake
we lean much farther from the truth

do you love me?
is it love?
is it something more than that?
or is there something out there
deeper than a hug, a rub, a kiss
that neither of us understands?
i believe we do
but our red hearts must leave a space
so true light can come shining through

what are we
indeed we are
nothing more than
shining stars
bounces and sends
light into the darkened world

freaky friday
explain to you
how i meant to be there
but i couldn't
words cannot get through
and so i speak my mind
with my mind
inside my simple thoughts