r 1250 2010

it hurts inside
but it feels fine
because i know you'll never know what i did for you
you'll never see it
and even if you do
it'll be far too late
because we'll be lost by then
or at least i will
where you'll go i'll never know
but at least you got to go there

i gave you your life
in return for mine
we moved too fast but
i think about what it may have been if we had stayed
but i know it would have ended badly anyway...

you'll never know
[what i did for you]
how my love won't leave
[your side]
how stupid you are
[right now]
and it's not your fault
you'll never see
the good i do; i did for you
the things i've done to get you through
the life i gave so you could dance
the bit of me i left to chance

i came at the time when you needed me most
i crafted you, made you better, stronger
you forgot these things, didn't you?
how you were before we were...

ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
tell me about it; i wish that i knew
my whole life has been an open book
this chapter happened to be about you
about a love that burned so hot
with passion overflowing
and how it slowly sizzled out
reality joined the showing

but now at chapter's end
you echo on through all the pages
perhaps we will meet again
in some distant far off spaces...

but for now, you're stupid.
live life
have fun
experience what you will
go on
go on!
and never tell me anything
it's something i can't deal with
my love for you is infinitely eternal
but falsity masked never perseveres

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