you probably don't like me that way
but i'd like to think that you will some distant time
our long long chats leave me in thought
without them new truths would remain unsought
you're so cute with your short curly hair, like mine
it's so fun, when we draw, when we laugh, sublime
but it's sad for me to think that it's all for nothing
even though we're great friends i long to be much more
but maybe i'm just being selfish and shit
maybe i don't need you to be the only one on my list
maybe this life's telling me that i should be like the wind
and never let another person put their chains around me again
but i don't think that you're that kinda girl
you fill my life with something that it lost somewhere
along the way
and if you were to give me a chance i might show you a thing or two
a thing or two that even you
could not comprehend
something you didn't realize
was possible to achieve
i can't see through your eyes
but i can empathize and understand your place
so i sit here and wait for the day you say
me gusta

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