without you

met you in a metaphorical mind-scape

and in that moment all else faded

a dazzling mode interlaced with brilliant light

i stutter...what can i say to you?

you smile, no words leave your lips

i can sense your mind

we meld into a single thought

though even in this realm my freedom

seems tainted and un-enabled

the world outside is beckoning

must i return to a realm in which you're not?

your eyes meet mine

i can stay, i must

you hold my hand

your touch...

we go alone together

to places i cannot relate

two figures lost in a blur

only our silhouettes stand solid

one last look as i feel myself slipping

as i awaken i refuse conceit

i never open my eyes

i hold onto your memory

still your face fades into darkest shadow

when will i see you again?

i try to fall back into my slumber

but no matter how i try

i find myself

stuck here


without you

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