07.06.10 ; 7:07

and somehow i'm expressing
but what am i expressing
when the end begins?

and what was it worth
was it really for nothing
or was there a purpose
a meaning
a crux?

and what is expression?
what's worth taking time
in this short life we live
for expression; for rhyme

for love and for hate
for attempting to feel
as if someone foreign
won't only
destroy the flow of the
but institutionalize your
as if someone could really
truly know
you are
at evenfall
as if someone could really
understand all of you
truly feel
you are within
what it feels like to be you
even for one second
even for a glimpse so small
it's simply beyond measure
how could they ever
never knows best
but if never's forever;
could you please define "bliss"?

but what is this?

i'm feeling a weight lift
a continuum shift
as if someone or something
gave me a gift
of misunderstood misunderstandings
that lead me deep through the underpinnings
it's not through me
i always thought it would be
it's from you, your teachings
now i see
what expression could be
between you and me

we're free


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