outerspace. silence. you kick yourself once. the centrifugal force sends you twirling. a spiral. you warp, spacetime time slows down. images of unsurpassed glory infect you. choppy, ge ti g ch p y. a tear? no. something much more exquisite. Zounds! Energy boosts backdownupforwardsidetoside. partially still constructed but literally out of your mind. infiltrate a new realm. spiritual as best described. mental metalworking stops, are you still alive?

black hole. force and pressure stabilizing. one thought to process the process of thinking. all else melts away, what was it? the cooling breeze of an ocean. a meadow. a mountain peak. the cry of a dove...what? is? happening?

infected senses. coming to. but who? you? not I. reborn phoenix. life death reset. evermore. seems as if somehow somewhere something once were. infinite paths converging single in form. infiltrate molecular bonds, spawn. a failure. no recollection only sight, taste, sound, touch

smell? no. it's all far beyond remembering. as if somehow thinking your thoughts created understanding. trapped in a purgatory, suddenly, cease. flex your fingers to the light, now; permanent peace.

lyrical meditation.

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